Meltco™ Commercial De-Icer - 50 lb.

Item # 440810 50#

  • This fast acting Calcium Chloride formulation is designed to perform quickly and more effectively in very cold temperatures than most ice melting products.
  • Melts down to -25°F range
  • Biodegradable orange color indicator
  • Non-tracking and Non-caking
50 lb., ea
Alternate #COMMERCIAL50
  • Description

Meltco™ Commercial de-icer is an exothermic product which creates heat when it comes in contact with snow and ice. The non-caking formula along with anti-corrosion additives make the product last longer and easy to use. Each granulation of meltco™ Commercial is encapsulated with MCi3 solution. The MCi3 solution is formulated with CMA and organic elements extracted from sea water. Its natural ability along with minerals and micro nutrients buffers the effects of chlorides on vegetation and environment. It has no nitrogen or phosphorus added to make it an ideal snow and ice melting solution around any body of water.